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The Lord Almighty said, I say to Israelites to sanctified themselves for three days, wash their clothes, and do not come near your wives, and be ready to meet Him on the third day, because I the Lord will come down upon Mount Sinai. But, on the third day that I came down, Israelites could not stand before Me, despite the fact of being sanctified themselves for three days. The Lord said to me; Do you know that, when I came down, it was fifteen thousand miles to where the Israelites gathered still they couldn’t stand before Me. People will dwell in sins and still they will think I am in their midst, they will call upon Me for miracles. Be holy for I am holy and no unclean will enter into my kingdom because heaven is not the habitation of a sinner who refuses to repent. The Bible and Quran confirming it that, “Be holy, for I am holy” (I Pet 1:16). The Quran completed it saying, “He indeed shall be successful who purifies himself” (Qur 87:14). No reward for the pure in heart except the Kingdom of God.



Thy Lord took me in Spirit in a journey to a mighty fence, which was made up of bronze and gold, shinning, its head reaches heaven, suddenly multitude like the world run into the fence to climb it to heaven, as they are trying to climb it, so also their hands and legs were coming down, they could not climb it, after so many troubles. I asked what is the meaning of this? The Lord answered and said that is how it will be at the end because only the righteous can fly. Repent from every unrighteousness, for God keep you alive till today so that you could correct your yesterday and repent today, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You that use religion to cover yourself and you are swimming in sins, repent, because only the righteous can fly.



God Almighty said, I am not the God of Christians or Muslims but the God of all nations, what I did to the world was what Mankind dodn't understand, but the people at this end time hide themselves under religion when their behaviour and their deeds are evil more than the Gentiles. Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of God among the trees of the garden of Eden; they forgot that, if nobody  sees them, God sees them. The eyes of God run to and fro throughout the whole earth (2Chro 16:9). David said, you cannot hide yourself from God (Psalm 139:2 – 12). What are the things the believers are using at this end time to hide themselves from God and fellow human beings?


1. RELIGION: Are you a Christian or Muslim? Many hide under this nowadays to cover their evil deeds when they don’t care to do the will of God. People these days are deceiving their fellow humans nevertheless, you cannot deceive God, for if no man sees you, clearly God sees you. The life of Apostles at Antioch made people to name them Christians, (Acts11:26) that they are Christ like. Abraham pleaded for whom to lead the service after prepared altar for God, and God replied, will you not submit (Muslims) for Me? (Qur 2:127 – 132). Both those that cannot submit and who are not Christ like called themselves Muslims and Christians. If  see you with your hidden secrets, God sees you.


2. BIBLE AND QURAN: We make use of Bible and Quran to cover our evil act or to cover the kind of person you are. If anyone perceives you to be a true believer who carry Bible or Quran, yet you are wicked than the unbelievers, you hate your neighbour. Believers these days often justify their evil acts by twisting the word of God to suit their lustful lives. "If no man sees you, God does".


3. GOING TO THE HOUSE OF GOD OR A PLACE OF PRAYER: Be it churches or mosques, many believers are using the opportunities of going to the house of God to hide under the umbrella of religion, whereas the effect of church or mosque is not reflect in their lives. When it comes to money matters and other earthly things, they will loose their stand. If you are not seen by man, God does. Many hide themselves under the five hours of Sulat services with their evil acts. You can only deceive man, but not God, who will reward you accordingly. You Christians that engage in fasting and prayer with evil acts, if man does not know your heart, God knows you better.


4. THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST: Many hide under the name of Jesus Christ, yet he doesn’t deliever them from truancy and evil deeds. If no man sees you, God does and He will tell them I do not know you. (Matt 7:21 – 23).


5. THE NAME OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH AND PROPHET MOHAMMED: You hide under the name of Almighty Allah and His Prophet and people sees you as true believers, but you are wicked than the unbelievers, if you think you can deceive people, you can’t deceive God. If the Prophet did not do the will of God, He would not have called him His friend (Qur 7:196).


6. DRESSING LIKE CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS: Believers are using their outfit attire to hide their lifestyle from man as true believers, yet you cannot hide yourselves from God. The word of God says in Quran that, “And purify your garments, and keep away from the unclean” Qur 74:4-5) which is life of holiness. Believers today are not different from those Jesus said about, “Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness” (Matt 23:28). If no man sees you, God sees you.


Peace be unto the world as we read the fourth Discovery which is second MYSTERY OF GOD



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