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After the Angel threw down the picture of the woman, I told the Angel I know the woman in Akure. He said yes that the woman owns the land, she also has land somewhere else. I asked about mine, He answered He didn't know whether I contribute any money or not. What God saying is that you should lay your treasures in heaven; you child of God I don't know if you have decided not to spend your money for the work of God due to what the Pastors, Imams, Muslim Priests and Prophets have turn the work of God to nowadays. Really, many has turned the work of God to business, many has become extortioners.


Many that call themselves men of God devour widow's houses, and you know that the word of God says that you shall know them by their fruits. Therefore wherever you worship and you notice there is no good fruit in the life of the person you call your spiritual leader (s), try and avoid him and look for another house of God to worship God. And if you cannot leave, continue to use your wealth for God, let the servant of God continue to embezzle the money meant for the work of God, you have lay your treasures in heaven. It is left for the servant of God to give account of the money kept with him. or you have decided not to go to any house of  God again because of what they use the word of God for nowadays, don't forget the word of God that says God will separate  the chaff from the wheat one day. Are you the one that will separate them? Can you give any excuse that it is because what the Church and Mosques have turn to, make you not to worship God? Can this excuse set you free from God's judgement?. Think deeply today and make another decision to worship God, and God will lead you.




And the Lord take me to a land, and I saw those that are dead. I saw some in a very beautiful house, I saw many that are roaming about in a bush without house. As I was looking around, the Angel appeared to me, and took me to a place where the firmament has a very close distance to the earth, to the extent that mankind can touch it. Then I saw a big river having a knee – point depth, and the base of the river was full of sand; it has a mixture of black and golden colours. Again I saw many Angels in the river holding spades in their hands and used them to sprinkle sands to the sky, while they were doing this, the sky was cloudy and it was about to rain.

The Angel turned to me and said  this is where God positioned the RAIN. He said now I can see that God do things orderly, I answered and said but, the scientists did not tell us such, He replied that the work of God is unsearchable. The Angel asked me if the rain begins to fall, what do I think will happen to those without house (s) that are wandering about?, and that where will they hide?, I said they will be drench by the rain, He replied, go and tell the world that they should lay there treasures in heaven. And that God told Moses that He created the heaven and the earth but He did not give Moses the grace to know the secret behind them, but I made you to see it, so you  will  know  very well  that the latter glory shall be greater than the former. I implore you child of God as you read this sign of Jonah that you should continue to use your wealth for the work of God, surrender yourself unto God and it shall be well with you.

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