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Angel of God came unto me journey to heaven, then I saw a throne at the top built from gold. On this throne, I saw a pew  made  up of  gold, in front of it,  I saw a door made up of gold and brass, but there was no wall or room and the throne was spread and endless. Then I saw Jesus coming before the pew with a sheet of book reading its content, but I could not hear what He was reading later He goes through the door when He has finished. After that I saw a man of God coming to the pew with a sheet of book, reading and went through the door, then I saw another man of God reading his book and went through the door, After these, there was another man of God with barred head, coming to the pew and read his own. Then I asked from the Angel that took me on the journey that after the Lord Jesus who are these three men? What are they reading which I could not hear, and what was the essence of what they are reading? He then replied, the three men are Prophet Moses, Elijah and Elisha. He then proceed by saying Jesus Christ and the three men of God which can command anything on this earth. and they were given an account of their deeds to the Most High God.

I then asked again, that these three men did their ministration before Jesus Christ came to this world. The Angel replied me that it is written that “Before the earth I was and before the creation of the mountains I was” and therefore if these three men of God can give account of their work to the Most High God. Go and tell the ministers of God and everyone that they will give an account before the throw of judgement.


You Labourers, that hide under the word of God that says “Thou shall not judge, for you not to be judged” I am not judging you but I am evangelizing what God sent me. You Labourers that is abusing the power God has given you, repent now, you labourers that could not wait for God’s time, rather went for power of darkness to perform wonders and miracles, you will account for it. You labourers that speak when God doesn’t speak be it Pastors, Imams, Prophets, evangelists, you will give an account.

You labourers that turns the day  of  convention or  moulud to  business day, repent from this, truly Hell is certain. The Lord said the love for money will be much at this endtime, through this you turn anniversaries, crusades,moulud to business, the word of God no longer bring blessings instead you use sachet water and anointing oil to make money on anniversary day and other programmes. We came to this world with nothing and we shall return with nothing, it is better you repent because God is writing your hand work.

Repent ye labourers that turn themselves to God, because it is you that knows different miracles meant for different worshippers; wealth worshippers great miracles, less wealth worshippers less miracles, and those that has none they are nothing in the house of God. Have you forgotten that Jesus Christ said that the widow that give less offering was most acceptable because she gave all that she has but those that give big offering took out of bountiful blessings given to them by God? After using deceit means to taken wealth from worshippers, you later turn to Zacchaeus who give half of what He has to the poor after taken them from people with false accusation.

Fear thy Lord for the day you will no longer breath when there will be no remedy to all what you have done. What worshippers that hears your message cannot do was what you the Preacher are doing, do not forget that the word of God says “It is on the alter shall judgement begins” Remember ye labourers you will give an account of your work.




God took me on a journey in a particular area in spiritual realm, I went with Discovery and Sign of Jonah to give to people but I could not see anyone to give, because there was a big church there, filled with multitudes of about forty thousand worshippers, expensive cars are packed within the church premises and as well their choristers are singing like heaven will open, also were the great men of God on the altar.

As I was passing by I thought these people neither need  Discovery  nor Sign of Jonah because of goodness of God considering the state of their wealth, I even thought that their choristers sing like angels and their ministers are great men of God having the knowledge of God’s word, saying these are not to be preaching repentant and salvation to again. When I couldn’t see anyone to give the word of God in my hands, I turned back and I saw a man of God who had passed on, following me, shouting salvation! Salvation! Salvation! I said do I have any business with this man?  but wherever I go he followed me. At a point in time, I stood and asked what the matter was He asked why did I not give them the word of God in my hands in the church?  I replied they don’t need it, He said as big as the church was with the multitude and their expensive cars, there was no one among them that has salvation including their ministers. Therefore, go and preach salvation to them all. I asked what happen? He said go and preach salvation and repentance unto mankind. The Lord then said, this is what I want to show you.

Salvation is a difficult miracle to receive, though the word of God says “There is nothing impossible for God to do”. It is not difficult to receive miracle from God such as money, wealth, healing, blind to see, deaf to hear, dumb to speak, barren to be fruitful and deliverance etc. But the great miracle that is difficult to receive is salvation, because to repent from sin is a difficult thing to many that serve God today, to do His will is a difficult to many also. If you repent from sin and try to do the will of God, frequently you will meet or see what could take the salvation from you such as money, men, women lust or difficulties such as storm, war and problem etc. How would you adapt to live among within the environment of people that could take away salvation from you through their behaviour and character. The word of God says “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” This shows that it is neither our dressing nor  you carry Bible or Qu’ran daily to  signifies  you are a  believer   without  doing  God’s  will  in His Word. It doesn’t goes with whether you can sing or you can preach very well or pray very well that can give you certificate to heaven but by the Holiness propose in your heart to live.

During the time of Noah, do not forget that God did not judge with religion and the mode of their dressing but by their behaviour and character that has been recorded before God. So also God said He will not judge through the mode of dressing whether in-line with the Muslim or Christian doctrine but by their behaviour and character that has been written. Today, dressing is one of criteria to know the kind of religion one belongs to, seek salvation today, to prevent seeking salvation always.


We make use of Bible and Quran to cover our evil act or to cover the kind of person you are. If anyone perceives you to be a true believer who carry Bible or Quran, yet you are wicked than the unbelievers, you hate your neighbour. Believers these days often justify their evil acts by twisting the word of God to suit their lustful lives. "If no man sees you, God does".


Many hide under the name of Jesus Christ, yet he doesn’t deliever them from truancy and evil deeds. If no man sees you, God does and He will tell them I do not know you. (Matt 7:21 – 23).



And the Lord take me to a land, and I saw those that are dead. I saw some in a very beautiful house, I saw many that are roaming about in a bush without house. As I was looking around, the Angel appeared to me, and took me to a place where the firmament has a very close distance to the earth, to the extent that mankind can touch it. Then I saw a big river having a knee – point depth, and the base of the river was full of sand; it has a mixture of black and golden colours. Again I saw many Angels in the river holding spades in their hands and used them to sprinkle sands to the sky, while they were doing this, the sky was cloudy and it was about to rain.

The Angel turned to me and said  this is where God positioned the RAIN. He said now I can see that God do things orderly, I answered and said but, the scientists did not tell us such, He replied that the work of God is unsearchable. The Angel asked me if the rain begins to fall, what do I think will happen to those without house (s) that are wandering about?, and that where will they hide?, I said they will be drench by the rain, He replied, go and tell the world that they should lay there treasures in heaven. And that God told Moses that He created the heaven and the earth but He did not give Moses the grace to know the secret behind them, but I made you to see it, so you  will  know  very well  that the latter glory shall be greater than the former. I implore you child of God as you read this sign of Jonah that you should continue to use your wealth for the work of God, surrender yourself unto God and it shall be well with you.



Go and repent now you scientists that search for the source of God handiwork everyday. You are like a pot investigating the potter, to know where the potter get the clay, the water and the ingredients that the potter used in making the pot. Meanwhile it does not take a potter a second to destroy the pot. Can you count the stars?, can you stop the moon from rising?, or can you make the sun to set? If you can’t, it means God is greater than you scientist. You search for the source of God handiwork to the extent that you don’t believe that God exists let alone worshipping God. Can you live forever?, if it’s impossible then, God is greater than you scientist. If you have detailed informations concerning God handiworks and you can give full account of them, then you should be able to tell death not to come, if it is not possible, it means God is greater than you Scientitst.

God said, “for dust thou art, and unto dust shall you return. Therefore I tell you scientist if your scientific investigations cannot help you not to return to dust then God is greater than you. You search for the handiwork of God to the extent that you believe that there is no God, if God does not exists truly, you should be able to resist sleep. Now you can see that God is greater than you scientist, why can’t you cease from searching for God handiworks or God Himself. What you have to do is to begin to worship Him, exalt Him because He created you on this earth for you to praise Him. Who is the greatest scientist? The God that positioned the world and held it firmly.  He also holds the heaven without pillars, Praise Him for what He has done, what He has not done and the ones He is about to do because His handiwork is unsearchable and it shall be well with you.

Peace be unto the world as we read the third discovery which is THE MYSTERY OF GOD

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