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First Day/First Friday Prayer

DATE:                    01:11:2019 

TIME:                     5:30am - 7am/    12am  – 2am (vigil) 



1, Let us thanks our Father who has been our protector since the beginning of this year, (Qur 2:152, Psa 92:1, 100:1-5)


2, Father, every sin that has make me lost my liberty to the hand of the devil and enemies, Lord forgive me because of your mercy.(Joh 8:32, 36, Qur 3:129)


3, Father, have mercy on me and don’t allow satanic agents to steal, kill or destroy my glory. (Joh 10:10)


4, Father, for the remaining of this year, I decree, I and my family will not experience sorrow. (Psa 16:11, Qur 3:139)


5, Father, for the remaining of this year, identified me with wonders. (Joh 9:8-9, Qur 93:4-5)


6, Father, help this month to be at the right place at the right time. (Isam 9:17-19, Qur 3:126)


7, Father, distract my enemies from where my blessing is, this month. (2King 6:15-19)


8, Father, let your secret place and your shadow protect and guide me and my family. (Psa 91:1-16, Qur 113:1-5)


9, Father, those who gathered to frustrate my vision, Lord frustrate them and put them to shame. (Gen 50:15-20, Isa 54:15)


10, Father, let every effort of my enemies be an exercise in futility. (Isa 41:11-12)


11, Father, every enemies wrestling with me, fall and die in Jesus name. ISam 17:44-51)


12, Father, take away your mercy from my enemies and do not show them mercy again. (Psa 109:12-17)


13, Father, before the end of this year, let my benefactor and my helper whom you had sent to me locate me and bless me. (Psa 121)


14, Father, those who plan to make me run mad, let them carry their own load in thy mighty name of Allah. (Ecc 10:8-9)


15, Father, those who want me and dead, let them fall into their own trap in Jesus name. (


16, Father, as I entered into this new month, I enter into greatest victory, miracles, promotion, breakthrough, peace and blessing in Jesus name.


17, Father, for the remaining months, weeks and days of this year, Lord give me power to conquer and strength to excel. (Daniel 6:3).


18, Father, give me major testimony and breakthrough before the end of this year. (Isa 8:18)


19, Father, let the wind of favour and mercy blow in my favour and let your mercy bring me to God’s plan and purpose for my life. (Qur 76:20, Esek 34:25 – 31).


20, Father, for the remaining of this year, don’t let evil desires of the enemies prevail over me and my family in Jesus name.


Your own prayer request

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                                    ADEWUMI  NURU JOSHUA




God bless you and He shall multiply you in Jesus name amen.





1, A o dupe lowo Olorun ti o fun wa ni oore ofe nla lati la osu mewa ja layo ati alaafia, (Qur 2:152, O.D 92:1, 100:1-5.


2, Esekese ti o mu kin so ominira mi sonu sowo satani ati awon ota, Oluwa dariji mi, (Joh 8:32, 36, Qur 3:129)


3, Oluwa, saanu fun mi, mase jeki iranse satani ki o ji tabi pa mi logo run, (Joh 10:10)


4, Oluwa, fun iyoku odun yi, mo pase emi ati ebi mi, a o ni mo ohun ti o nje ekun ati ibanuje loruko Jesu, (Joh 16:11, Qur 3:139).


5, Oluwa, fun iyoku odun yi, jeki won fi ise iyanu dami mo loruko Jesu Kristi, (Joh 9:8-9, Qur 93:4-5).


6, Oluwa, ran mi lowo losu yi, ki nle wa nibiti to ye lakoko to to, ISam 9:1;7 – 19, Qur 3:126.


7, Oluwa, dari awon ota mi kuro nibiti ibukun mi wa losu yi, ki o si si won lona, IIOba 6:15-19.


8, Oluwa, jeki ibi ikoko re ati ojiji re ko pa emi ati ebi mi mo, ki o si to wa sona niyoku odun yi, O.D 91:1-16, Qur 113:1-5)


9, Oluwa , awon to korajopo lati pinmi lemi lori iran rere mi, Oluwa damu won, ko si dojuti won, (Gen 50:15-20, Isa 54:15).


10, Oluwa jeki gbogbo igbiyanju ota lori mi ko ja sasan, (Isa 41:11-12).


11, Oluwa, gbogbo ota to nfigagbaga pelu agbara Olorun ninu aye mi, e subu lule ki si ku ni oruko Allahu, (ISam 17:44-51).


12, Oluwa, mu aanu kuro lara awon to nfogun jaye mi, mase jeki won ri aanu gba, (O.D 109:12-17)


13, Oluwa, ki odun yi to pari, jeki oloore ati oluranlowo ti e ran si mi, ko wa mi ri, ki won si bukun fun mi loruko Jesu, (O.D 121).


14, Oluwa, awon ti o ngbiyanju lati yami ni were, tabi awon ti won dana were kale fun mi, Oluwa jeki won fori ara won gbee, (Oniw 10:8-9).


15, Oluwa, awon to gbero iku fun emi ati ebi mi, jeki won subu sinu ohun ti won gbero fun wa.


16, Oluwa, mo sotele bi mo se wo inu osu tuntun yi, mo wo inu isegun nla, mo wonu opo ise iyanu nla, mo wonu aluyo nla, alaafia ati opo ibukunloruko Jesu.


17, Oluwa, fun mi ni eri nla ati aluyo gbogi ki odun to pari, mase jeki buburu awon ota ko se lori mi mo ni oruko Allahu. (Isa 8:18)    


18, Oluwa, osu, ose ati ojo to ku lodun yi, E fun mi lagbara lati bori ati okun lati tayo loruko Jesu Kristi. (Daniel 6:3).


19, Oluwa, jeki afefe ojurere, afefe aanu re ko fe lu mi losu yi, ki o si fi aanu mu lo sinu eto ati ipinnu re fun aye mi, (Qur 76:20, Esek 34:25 – 31).


20, Oluwa, mase jeki buburu ti esu ati awon  gbero lori mi atebi mi nipa lori wa loruko Jesu Kristi.


Ebe Adura re

Akiyesi Pataki miran: 5:30am - 7am/ 12am - 2am (Vigil)


Lehinna, o le fi ore re ranse si Account Nomba yi:





Oluwa yoo bukun fun o, yoo si so o di pupo loruko Jesu Kristi amin

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