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Praise be to God, the owner of all glory and power. The Lord who loves every creature which are all his hand work, who does not want us to perished. The Lord that show us His love at this end time by raising End Time Preacher to preach repentance to mankind (Mathew16:1-4, AL5:54). I have said it earlier in the first discovery that God said He did not create any religion, and He is not the God of Christians or the Muslims that what He did to the world is what we human beings don’t understand. We use religion to cover up all our evil deeds, while our behaviors and characters are evil more than the time of Noah and that God our Lord will not use religion to judge us but our deeds and characters which has been written before Him. Peace be unto the world as we read the SECOND DISCOVERY.







             And I saw an Angel of God who held a big book on his hand, and he brought me to the end of this world that we are in and it was hills that surrounded the world.  I asked him of what people say about water surrounding the world, he answered and said no, it is surrounded by hills. And I saw this world and it’s like something not too big. And I ask, is it this small place that the White people and the Blacks live? He said yes that’s the unsearchable work of God.


And I ask again from the Angel that people say that the world shall come to an end 2000 years after the death of our Lord and He answered he don’t know the period and time, and I too don’t know the period and time that this world shall come to an end. He said I should look up and see what God used to cover the world and see how thick it is. I said is as thick as my palm, black as tar and slippery, and the Angel said what I saw was indeed large and that it melted to that small size like that of my palm.


The angel told me I should look up again and I said I see a ray of sun that entered into this world as if the roof of a house is leaking at the nail point. The Angel said yes it’s the ray of sun that enters into this world that produces heat. I told the angel that if we spread anything into the ray of sun it dries, He said yes it just a ray of sun. The Angel now ask me what if what is used to cover the world get wholly melted,  what do I think will happen? I said the sun will set this world ablazed. This angel told me again that I should climb  this  mountain before me and I should look down at what mankind are doing in this world. After I climbed the mountain and I looked down, I saw the earth full of blood and that mankind walk on  blood everyday. I said I saw individuals live a lustful life.  People committing adultery, fornication, a ritualists,  idol worshippers, thieves, drunkards and other sins.


He asks me again what did I see?  I  answered and said I can see people killing themselves because of religion, Christian using occultic power protections, Muslim using occultic protections. And I shouted with zeal that what would be the end of these people? He answered and said this is why we raised you up at this End Time to preach repentance to the world. And he also said it is the sign of Jonah that will make us to know that the end of the world is approaching.


            Thereafter the Angel told me to look up what did I see? I answered I saw a small path that was covered, that only a baby’s hand could enter, He said this is the path that anyone coming from heaven passes through to this world likewise anyone coming from the earth passes through. I said this path is too small for a anyone to pass through, He said this is unsearchable work of God, He now said let us go out of this world but how we went out of this world I don’t know, and I can say, After we came out I saw this world is exactly like the tankers, and was placed on a land that is wide and has no end, and I said God is great.


On this new land that we got to, there are some piece of land whose foundations have been built, houses have been built on some parts. The Angel took me to the land that no houses have been built on it. As we proceeded to the land the Angel threw down a picture of a woman, I mentioned the name of the woman and said I know her in Akure, the Angel told me the woman has another land somewhere else, I asked where is my own land? He answered and said, He didn’t  know whether I contributed money, He was about to check from the book that was in his hand, a man arrived on His land in order to work there, the Angel now said no one is allowed to see or hear from him except me, therefore let us go. As we are going, the Angel said I should go and preach the word to the world.



            You people of this world if you will repent at this End Time then God shall save you by His mercy. At this End Time, God said many people have knew that He exists, but everybody does whatever he or she likes, you lived in this world as if we will not leave the world, you lived in this world as if you will not account for all your deeds. You shed blood everyday by killings, you commit abortions, you use human being for rituals, human lives that God spent time to create is worthless before you. Bloodshed is too much to the extent that God said we walk on blood everyday.


You set traps for one another because of wealth and position, you plan evils against one another; repent saith the lord, there is forgiveness for evil man that repents before the Lord. Everyone is living a worldly life, you exercise power over the powerless, you build fine houses as if you will not leave this world, and you oppress the needy, yet you claim to be a believer. You use religion to cover up in order to do evils.


Adultery and fornication do not defile the religion is what you say everyday, meanwhile is one of the commandment that God gave to this world that “Thou shall not commit adultery (Exs20:14)” Quran on his side says “Nor come near to adultery for it is an indecent deed and an evil way (AL17:32)”. Our Lord Jesus Christ also established that “Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart (Math5:28). But today you make this world very abominable due to adultery and fornication, this happens in the house of God today either Church or Mosque, we find this with the Pastors, Prophets, Muslim Priests and Imams.


You woman that call yourself a believer, you use adulterous dressing to destroy the life of many men today. When the eyes of Adam and Eve opened because of their sin and they saw that they are naked, as there was no cloth at that time, they sewed fig leaves together and use it as aprons for themselves. But what are we seeing today, women walk naked along the street, you should be ashamed of yourselves as Adam and Eve did. It is a surprise today that you don't practise your nakedness only on the street but in a place you call the house of God.


You religion singers,  the people that you were sent to, to save through songs ministration are now becoming the followers of Satan because of your worldly songs. We look for track (s) that can win souls for God in your albums we could not see but the ones that add to their sins. You always said we are in the time of grace, God will hold you responsible for those who fall or backslide through your songs. 


You Pastors, Prophets, Muslim Priests, Imams and Alhaji today, people look up to as their leaders are the people find in evil deeds. If not adultery and fornication, it will be drunkenness, you are also a member to many cults, you bury charms in the land before you build your Church or Mosque. God sees you, it is good for you to change because one day God will ask you if you didn't heard about the truth of the End Time. No preaching of repentance again, but proclamation for signs and wonders only. You never care if the lives of those who receive the signs and wonders get ruined as a result of their sinful deeds.


You the miracle seekers, do you know there is no profit for you on the miracle you receive with your sinful behaviours and characters that you will still end up in hell fire? Do you know there is no miracle greater than the salvation of  your soul? Repent now before it is to late.


Brethren, thou shall not over drunk is what you say continually every day, while you go along with your Bible on Sunday and on Friday it is you and your Quran and Tesibiu, you forget the word of God that says “It is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princess strong drink(Prov31:4)” The Quran also establish it that “Oh you who believe, Drunkenness and gambling, sacrificing to stones and divinations by arrows, are an abominations and Satan handiwork: go away from such abomination that you may prosper (AL5:90)”.  Do not forget that it is my palm that I use to describe what they used to cover the world as at year 2000 after the death of our Lord.

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