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I saw a man that wore a white cloth like an Angel and lay down at the point where many roads meet and they were tarred road, the man lay down as if he was dead, however he looked like a mad man. I saw a woman passing by, while passing when she reached where the man lay down as if he was dead; the woman knelt down and prayed that the man's protection should not leave her and her children. Thereafter she left. When she was coming back she branched  again  to  this  man,  she  knelt  down  and  thank  Him  that she had  save journey and He should continue to protect her family. As she was about to rise up and go the man that wore the white cloth that's also like the mad man held the woman, and I saw people who came to plead on the woman's behalf.


This mad man said He will only pardon or release the woman only if anyone could give meaning(s) to this revelation. God came to me after a month of serious prayer over the meaning of the revelation and revealed the meaning of the revelation.




God said, I revealed this revelation unto you and proclaim that one day the word of God will witness against you, that after all you have once heard the word of God, why don't you keep His words? Why don't you do His wishes?

(A) God said the mad man that laid down where many roads meet is the WORD OF GOD, the king  of  kings  and  the Lord of  Lords.

(b)Being a mad man means we have taken the word of God to be unnecessary, and has no meaning to us, but we read only the verses meant for our benefits.

(c)The white garment he wore signified that the word of God that we take to be unnecessary remains absolutely holy.

(d) God said lying in a place where many roads meet means that He had sent His word to this world several time and several ways  to change the world and since the world has been in existence, the word had come in several ways to change the world.

(e) That He slept or died means the beliefs of most of the people on the word of God is that the word of  God is dead or  asleep. That the word of God is not as active as in the ancient time.

(f) Mankind is the woman who always prays before the word of God, which is the Bible, and Quran, which is Jesus Christ.

(g) That the woman goes to pray before Him always means, we worship God in order to receive Signs and wonders and not to do His will.    

(H) God said the man rose and held the woman means one day the word of God will hold us to  account  for our deeds on earth and ask that did He (word of God) not come to change us, what we like most is to pray fervently without doing the will of God. One day He (word of God) will be a witness against you. (Qur 4:159)

(I) Those who pleaded on behalf of this woman are those people who pray for the dead, believing that their prayer can cancel their evil deeds after death.

(j) That he did not release the woman means after death, the word of God will hold us to give  account of our deeds and there will be no restitution.

Repent now because God does not want the death of a sinner but to repent?, God said the reason we come to Him is to receive signs and wonders, most especially protections over our lives. Many people do go to the house of God either Churches, Mosques, everybody proclaims what he or she believes either Bible or Quran but despite these our evil deeds increase daily.       

When we get to the house of God we dance but when it is time for the word of God, we take it lightly, the chapters and the verses we know most either in the Bible or Quran are the ones used to conquer the enemies or to request for blessings. But when we get to chapters that speak about our evil deeds our believe is that the word of God had slept or that we can overlook it because, we are in time of grace. Sometimes we use the word of God as pillow as a result of fear of the enemies and evil spirits.  Do the will of God and be holy in all your ways, for the word of God not to witness against you, if you have not been doing God's will for all the years you have been carrying the Bible or the Quran, repent before it is too late.



And  God n revealed  to  me  a  man  that  came  out  of his expensive car,  as  he  came  out  of  his  car  and  stepped  on  the  ground  and  about  to enter into his company, the ground held him and he was unable to move. As I was wondering what is really happening, the ground spoke and said the rich man I saw, I the ground will soon collect all my belongings from him. I said what belongings do you have with the man, the ground replied that God owns the soul while I the ground owns the body, that as soon as God takes away His belongings I the ground will also collect my belongings,  as soon as God takes away the soul I the ground take the body. He said further, that mankind do not care about this, that it is on me people step everyday and commit different kinds of evil, also they live on me and perform many nefarious activities. After a person's death the dead that weep for themselves stand on me (ground) and make several wasteful spending, unwholesome and flashy life all in the name of burial of the body that, I the ground have already taken. Meanwhile they don't know the final destination of the soul that God has taken whether heaven or hell. 



You people at this End Time, you have forgotten that it will be like the time of Noah when people lived different kinds of ungodly lives, you observe burial ceremony as if you don't know that the dead weep for themselves.

There are some things you need to know about burial, first, you lost someone dear to you that is not certain you can meet again. Secondly, where is the final destination of the dead, is it heaven or hell?; moreover the kind of attitudes and characters of the dead,  where did he deserve, heaven or hell; lastly when I don't know the final destination of the dead, is it possible for us to meet again, because the dead weep for themselves, besides what did I learn from the life style of the dead.?           


Let us remember the story that Jesus Christ told us about the life of Lazarus  and the rich man. Even though the Bible explained in details the life style of  the two men when they were alive and their rewards after death, we don't know how their burial ceremony was done but if we look at the financial status of the rich man, the kind of food he eats, the kind of cloths he wears everyday show the kind of casket used for the rich man's burial. The kind of

cloth they sewed for his corpse, some musicians that performed on the funeral  day with some ungodly things,  they  may  even  sing  the  song  “Father  goes  home straight(2ce)”. Even though he is in serious pains and grief still he goes home truly. However, let consider Lazarus funeral, Lazarus who had no food to eat and died in poverty, the family might even be praying for him to die because of his illness. Is even possible they just dig the ground and bury him there; there is no song of “Father goes home straight (2ce)” because they might even believe that Lazarus will not go to the resting place (heaven), no good casket, no musician to perform at his burial still he got to everlasting comfort (heaven).


Who ever cares to learn about the dead? Who ever think deeply about the final destination of the dead? What his or her life style before death took him or her away? Meanwhile the dead that weep for themselves instead of us to learn from the Israelites who mourn for forty days over their lost ones, you joyfully celebrate the funeral in an unwholesome and flashy ways, you get new attires, the dead family turn the burial ceremony into business. You have forgotten that the dead weep for themselves.


It is a pity that when someone dies you weep so much, they condole you, after awhile you think of befitting burial that is due to the dead who belongs to the ground. Some get indebted, some get confused on the kind of attires to use, when it is time to give dust to dust you weep a bit, after leaving the grave you start a big party and dance without worrying about when it will be your turn. Instead of you to repent from your evil deeds, you believe the dead is gone forever. Don't forget it will be your turn one day.  Repent now so that you can gain heaven; don't let the kingdom of God meet you with unwholesome and wasteful spending on funeral as in the time of Noah and know that the dead weep for themselves. Which means everyone is going to die but those who are alive weep over the dead, but never think of their evil deeds and that they too will surely die one day.

 Repent now so that God will bring His hand upon you for good.


Until God opens the altar of this End Time for the end time revival peace be unto the world as we read the SECOND DISCOVERY which is SIGN OF JONAH.

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