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God looked down to the world in year 2000 which was 2000 years after the ascension of Jesus Christ, the Lord measured His temple, altar and worshipers that were worshiping on the altar, both those who carries the Bible or Qur’an which was prophesied by the Apostle John in Rev 11:1 – 2, and found onlytwenty righteous people before Him out of all those who were serving Him all over the world.

God now raise one of His Witness to go and preach the Gospel of Unity, Repentance, Salvation and the Kingdom of God to the world. He says to His Son Nuru Joshua in year 2000, that people are saying that the end will come because it is 2000 years after the ascension of Jesus Christ. But He says no, I’ve just brought my righteousness near, you are the righteous, the world is waiting for.

He also says to me in heaven that I’m not the God of Christians nor Muslim but God of all nations, what I did to the world was what mankind don’t understand. But I promised that at the end time I will reveal my mystery (Rev 10:1 – 7). So you take the Bible and Qur’an with these multitudes and preach the Gospel of Unity and repentance to the world. God said again the command was coming from the throne of the Most High God that I should not change it nor forsake it.

This is the ministry God Almighty prophesied about in either Bible or Qur’an. Isa 19:19 – 25, 46:9 – 13, Rev 11:1 – 8, Qur 7:187 – 188, 10:19 – 20, 47 – 48.      

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